Xyzrø dyi Lux
Isle of Vradiazi
—  Capital City  —
Xyzrø dyi Lux (port).jpg
Port of Xyzrø dyi Lux
Coat of arms
Region Isle of Vradiazi
Country Flag of Vradiazi Vradiazi
Founder Family Dusk
Population (2015)
 • Urban 8,076,863
 • Metro 13,645,759
Demonym Luxian
Luxiq (Vradiw)
Time zone VCT (UTC-11)
Website xdl.vr

Xyzrø dyi Lux ([ˈtʃyθrø dyi ˈlutʃ]; Engju: City of Lux), or simply Xyzrø, officially also known as the Isle of Vradiazi region (Vradiw: Ynys dyi Vradiazi), is the capital and most populated city of Vradiazi, with an urban population of 8,076,863, and a metropolitan population of 13,645,759 (as of 1 January 2015). The city-region comprises two islands located at the south of mainland Vradiazi, and the centre of the overall country.

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