Southern Easton
Population 55,537,166
Demonym Southern Eastonian
Countries 1
Languages 3
Time zones UTC+7 to UTC+11
Largest cities Flag of Lakadamia Pavlodia
Flag of Lakadamia Misneyne
Southern Easton is a continent comprising Lakadamia. It is located in the Easton sea and borders the Pacifican sea to the north-west and the Polarean sea to the south. Southern Easton is the only continent with only one country and the third biggest continent after Westmont and Centralia.

List of recognized states in Southern Easton Edit

Flag Name Area (km²) Population Population
(per km²)
Capital Name(s) in official language(s)
Flag of Lakadamia Lakadamia 55,537,166 Pavlodia Lakadamia

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