—  Capital City  —
Sarindon at night
Nickname(s): Le City of crêpes et glaces
Motto: "Penguins for everyone!"
Country Lanovina
Founder Ronald Svernorge
 • Mayor Pierre McKing (The Greens)
Population (2015)
 • Total 8,391,463
Demonym Sarindonian(s)
Time zone LTZ (UTC+9)

Sarindon is the capital and biggest city of Lanovina. It's located in the northern-central mainland of Lanovina. More than 8 million citizens live here. The court of justice of the NEU is located in Sarindon. Sarindon is the 2nd biggest city of the continent of Northern Easton, only Krono (capital of Fordia) is bigger. Sarindon is also one of the 12 Lanovian states. It's the smallest one and the only one which consists of only 1 city. Sarindon is located in the Lanovian-Speaking part of Lanovina, however, Allemanju (spoken in western Lanovina) and Åston (spoken in eastern Lanovina and the Meckingle Islands) are spoken in the capital as well.

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