Men's coxless four
at the Games of the I Fantastiad
VenueKlákursson Lake
Date7 October
Competitors12 from 6 nations
Winning time6:03.97
Gold medal icon  Flag of United Lands of Jarea.svg UL Jarea
Silver medal icon  Flag of United States of Eldance.svg US Eldance
Bronze medal icon  Flag of Lakadamia.svg Lakadamia
Rowing at the
Autumn 2015 Fantastic Games

Rowing pictogram
Single sculls   men   women
Coxless pair men women
Double sculls men women
Lwt double sculls men women
Coxless four men
Quadruple sculls men women
Eight men women
Lwt coxless four men

Final AEdit

Rank Rowers Country Time Notes
Gold medal icon Daichi, Gyeong, Shichirou, Sho Flag of United Lands of Jarea.svg UL Jarea 6:03.97
Silver medal icon Arsenio, Daren, Everette, Kasey Flag of United States of Eldance.svg US Eldance 6:05.19
Bronze medal icon Dorian, Nicodème, Raoul, Severo Flag of Lakadamia.svg Lakadamia 6:07.20
4 Ezekiel, Lambert, Randal, Russ Flag of Pohunskia.svg Pohunskia 6:11.43
5 Elouan, Heino, Pankraz, Philibert Flag of Lanovina.svg Lanovina 6:14.78
6 Acke, Einar. Väinö, Vertti Flag of Fordia.svg Fordia 6:16.37

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