North Easton Union
Flag of the North Easton Union
Dark Blue = NEU Members
Dark Blue = NEU Members
Light Blue = NEU Observers
Official languages
Demonym North Eastonian
Type Politico-economic and defence union
Member states
Internet TLD .neu

The Northern Easton Union (NEU) is an Union for the countries of the continent of Northern Easton and northeastern countries of Centralia. The union was originally only made by Lanovina and Fordia, Evämaa and Seneraya joined at a later date. The union allows all states to observe the union, but they'll have to get approved before. The NEU supports themself looking at the economy, however, military might also be given to their members. The constitutions of the NEU are located in Lanovina and Fordia. A ship line is currently planned for the 3 countries.

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