Tribal Area of Luminärviä
Heimojen Alueella Luminärviä
Motto: Saisomme Kaikki
We stand by all
and largest city
Official languages Fennju Luminärviainen
Ethnic groups (2) Luminärvians
Demonym Luminärvian
Legislature Parliament of Luminärvia
 -  census 1.200.000
Luminärviä Map.png
Luminärviä is one of the eight tribes of Te Ao. It is known for being the northernmost tribe. The biggest city of Luminärviä is Isosatama, which is the capital too.

Political Geography Edit

Luminärviä is split into seven districts, and has nineteen cities with a population over 10000 people. There is no city with a population over a million people in Luminärviä. 47% Of the population live in one of the 19 biggest cities.

District Name Population Pop.


City Population
Pohjois Tasangoilla 260.480 1 146.000
Jokipää 200.600 2 137.000
Pitkä Rannikot 193.260 3 91.500
Pohjois Vuorille 187.560 4 54.000
Taksepäin Maa 142.620 5 34.500
Länsirannikolla 124.020 6 79.500
Poro Tasangoilla 260.480 7 91.500

This is a table of the 10 biggest cities in Luminärviä, bold cities are the capitals of their district, Isosatama is underlined, because it's the capital city of Luminärviä.

Pl. Name District Population
1 Isosatama Pohjois Tasangoilla 130.000
2 Haarautunut Jokipää 97.000
3 Kylmäjärvi Länsirannikolla 45.000
4 Poroylitis Jokipää 26.000
5 Päättyyjoki Pitkä Rannikot 23.000
6 Kajastalahti Poro Tasangoilla 21.500
7 Lohipuro Länsirannikolla 21.000
8 Kuolemaranta Pohjois Vuorille 20.500
9 Kaksietelään Pitkä Rannikot 20.000
10 Kaksipohjoinen Pitkä Rannikot 19.000

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