Flag of Jamah
Motto: Grandeh stá miiram ru!
Together we are strong!
Location of Jamah on the world map.
Location of Jamah on the world map.
Location of Jamah on the globe.
Location of Jamah on the globe.
Official languages Jamese
Recognised regional languages Kifskian
Religion 58% Judaism
24% no religion
18% others
 -  President of Jamah
Láná Tjanjuá
 -  Total 23,802 km2
9,190 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 12.1
 -  2015 estimate 5,449,233
 -  Density 156.64/km2
405.7/sq mi
ISO 3166 code JM
Internet TLD .jm

The republic of Jamah (Jamese: Dii republiiká de Yámáh) is a country in the Fantasia world. Jamah consists of four islands. Kifská in the north, Rondá in the west, Tindan in the south-west and Jamain in the east. The Capital is Twahrmirá.

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