FANA World Cup Spring 2015
Tournament details
Host country TBA
Dates February 2016-TBD
Teams 24 (from 4 confederations)
Venue(s) 10
Summer 2016

Hosting BidsEdit

The following nations have sent a bid for hosting the World Cup:


More Information soon.

Broadcasting rightsEdit

Country Broadcaster
Flag of Assasynia Assasynia M1
Flag of Atlandia Atlandia ANTV
Flag of Cercasia Cercasia CRT
Flag of Fordia Fordia FBC Sports
Sport III
Country Broadcaster
Flag of Ice Crest Ice Crest ICTV Sport 1
Flag of United Lands of Jarea United Lands of Jarea JBHE-SP
Flag of United States of Eldance United States of Eldance EBC

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