State of Ekruvora, Home to the Ekruvoran Tribe
Ástand Ekruvora
Motto: Eins og þegar hafið er eilíft, að vér erum
As the sea is eternal, so are we
Ekruvora Map.png
Largest city Kaupmennheimen
Official languages Ekruvoric Dyrian
Recognized languages Old Dorfforan, Cartrefiaith, Yeraneryan
Ethnic groups Ekruvorans (63%), Seksösterians (23%), Züüdgazari (7%), Yeraneri (5 %), Others ( %)
Demonym Ekuvoran
Legislature Eininguthing in Ferjubae
 -  estimate 14.213.000
Ekruvora is one of the eight tribes of Te Ao. It is known for being the most modern and most populated of them. The biggest city in Ekruvora is Kaupmennheimen, whilst the Capital is Ferjubae.

Political Geography Edit

Ekruvora is split in nine districts, and has 29 cities with a population over 10000. There are also four cities with a population over a million. 68 % of the Ekruvoran population lives in one of those over-10000 cities.

District Name Capital Population Pop. Rank Metropolitan Population in %
Austurstrendur Kaupmennheimen 2,650,600 1. 98,43 %
Haelstuland Ferjubae 1,875,200 3. 98,10 %
Hárklettar Undirklettum 598,800 9. 92,52 %
Midhslettum Ligguryfir 901,700 7. 80,13 %
Nordhureyjar Ejyanferju 812,200 8. 93,70%
Nordhurstrendur Hopper 2,367,100 2. 96,21%
Sudhureyjar Nalaegthöfn 1,833,600 4. 98,60%
Sudhurstrendur Sudhurenda 1,479,300 6. 94,81%
Vesturáin Haettuborg 1,712,500 5. 94,39%


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