Men's team sprint cycling
at the Games of the I Fantastiad
VenueColdhaven Cycling Arena
Date15 October
Competitors24 from 8 nations
Winning time42.600
Gold medal icon  Flag of Fordia.svg Fordia
Silver medal icon  Flag of Assasynia.svg Assasynia
Bronze medal icon  Flag of United States of Eldance.svg US Eldance

Competition formatEdit

A men's team sprint race consists of a three-lap race between two teams of three cyclists, starting on opposite sides of the track. Each member of the team must lead for one of the laps.

The first round comprised head-to-head races based on seeding (1st vs. 8th, 2nd vs. 7th, etc.). The winners of those four heats advanced to the medal round, with the two fastest winners competing in the gold medal final and the two slower winners facing off for bronze.

First roundEdit

Rank Heat Country Result Notes
1 4 Flag of Fordia.svg Fordia 42.747 Q
2 3 Flag of Assasynia.svg Assasynia 42.991 Q
3 1 Flag of United States of Eldance.svg US Eldance 43.178 Q
4 2 Flag of Glaray.svg Glaray 43.261 Q
5 3 Flag of Evergreen.svg Evergreen 43.495
6 2 Flag of Scandavia.svg Scandavia 43.505
7 1 Flag of Dýria.svg Dýria 43.909
8 4 Flag of Decoria.svg Decoria 43.964


Bronze medal finalEdit

Rank Country Result Notes
Bronze medal icon Flag of United States of Eldance.svg US Eldance 43.209
4 Flag of Glaray.svg Glaray 43.355

Gold medal finalEdit

Rank Country Result Notes
Gold medal icon Flag of Fordia.svg Fordia 42.600
Silver medal icon Flag of Assasynia.svg Assasynia 43.013

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