Republic Cercasia / Republík Cercasia
Flag of Cercasia
Motto: "Der Schlüssel ist Respekt" / "Nøglen er respektfuld"
"The key is respect"
Location of Cercasia on the world map.
Location of Cercasia on the world map.
Location of Cercasia on the globe.
Location of Cercasia on the globe.
CapitalSan Cercasia
Largest city Elhain
Official languages Cercasian
Recognised regional languages Decorian
Regional language Südbreck
Religion 48,5% Catholic, 31,7% Protestans, 5,7% Muslims, 2,4% Buddhism, 2,1% Judaism, Hinduism 1,7%, 7,9% other religions
Demonym Cercasian
Government Federal republic
 -  President Hannah Del Juno
 -  Prime minister Johann Gruber
 -  44,213 km2
17,071 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 1.3
 -  2015 estimate 5,246,893 (6)
 -  2015 census TBD
 -  Density 96.05/km2 (6)
248.8/sq mi
Currency Cercasian Mark (CMK)
Calling code +63
ISO 3166 code CA
Internet TLD .ca

Cercasia is a country in the Northern part Fantasia world.

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