Women's team archery
at the Games of the I Fantastiad
VenueVáldara Forest
Dates17 October
Competitors24 from 8 nations
Gold medal icon  Flag of Assasynia.svg Assasynia
Silver medal icon  Flag of Beklium.svg Beklium
Bronze medal icon  Flag of Danskanksova.svg Danskanksova
Archery at the
Autumn 2015 Fantastic Games

Archery pictogram
Individual   men   women
Team   men   women

The women's team archery competition at the Autumn 2015 Fantastic Games in Coldhaven will be held in October.

Competition bracketEdit

  First round Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
  1  Flag of Assasynia.svg Assasynia 206  
    8  Flag of United Tribes of Te Ao.svg UT Te Ao 195  
8  Flag of Assasynia.svg Assasynia 211
9  Flag of United Tribes of Te Ao.svg UT Te Ao 210  
  1  Flag of Assasynia.svg Assasynia 221  
  5  Flag of Danskanksova.svg Danskanksova 206  
5  Flag of Lanovina.svg Lanovina 207  
12  Flag of Danskanksova.svg Danskanksova 192  
  5  Flag of Danskanksova.svg Danskanksova 219
    4  Flag of Lanovina.svg Lanovina 209  
  1  Flag of Assasynia.svg Assasynia 210
  7  Flag of Beklium.svg Beklium 209
  3  Flag of Scandavia.svg Scandavia 216(26) Third place
    6  Flag of Demonica.svg Demonica 216(28)  
11  Flag of Scandavia.svg Scandavia 208 5  Flag of Danskanksova.svg Danskanksova 209
6  Flag of Demonica.svg Demonica 215   6  Flag of Demonica.svg Demonica 207
  6  Flag of Demonica.svg Demonica 207
  7  Flag of Beklium.svg Beklium 208  
7  Flag of Beklium.svg Beklium 200  
10  Flag of Pohunskia.svg Pohunskia 199  
  7  Flag of Beklium.svg Beklium 218
    2  Flag of Pohunskia.svg Pohunskia 213  

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